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Remembering Dr. Ayyub Thakur

Also published on Rising Kashmir and Kashmir Monitor

Dr. Ayyub Thakur was probably one of the few souls who saddled the cause of Kashmiri sufferings upon his shoulders with great bravery. A true son of the soil, he had the privilege of being the first nuclear scientist hailing from Kashmir. Not only he was a philanthropist and a social activist, but he also was the beacon of intellectual activism in Kashmir. Being one of the very few visionaries, he propagated the cause of Kashmiri struggle to self-determination on an international level. He lectured and debated intensively on the topic of Kashmiri nationalism throughout the universities and think tanks around the world, including the elite universities like University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and in UN forums. Throughout his years as a student, Dr. Ayyub Thakur had the passion in him to comment on social and political controversies without any evasions, which had made Kashmir a grave dispute since the partition of India &…